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Sinappidressing joulun kalaherkuille

Bongasin tämän reseptin telkkarista jonkin julkkiskokin ohjelmasta. Hän kertoi reseptin olevan alun perin Ravintola Palacesta. Mene ja tiedä, mutta ihan pätevän kastikkeen lohelle ja vastaaville voimakkaan makuisille kaloille tästä saa. Sinapiksi tähän sopii perinteinen Dijon, mutta miedompaa makua hakevalle jokin pehmeämpi sinappi voisi olla paikallaan. Maillen hunajainen au Miel on ehdottomasti kokeilemisen väärti. SINAPPIDRESSING 50 […]

Pasha is a traditional Finnish Easter dish, especially in the eastern parts of the country. It was brought here by the Russian Orthodox church hundreds of years ago, and is eaten to celebrate the end of the lent. You may know pasha with a little different name – pascha, pashka, or something similar. Pasha is […]

  Jaloviina or Jallu is a legendary Finnish cut brandy, which is made by blending cognac with grain liquor. Its production began in 1932 as a cheaper alternative for cognac, and originally this three star grade Jallu had 3/4 of cognac. The Second World War cut luxury item supplies, and in 1940 Jallu had to […]

The Habanero That Burnt S Twice

The November issue of Saveur had a tasty and interesting looking recipe titled “Coffee-Crusted Beef Tenderloin”. Because I’m dieting again and need to cook daily in order to know what I eat, a lean tenderloin recipe suited my needs perfectly. The ingredients called for coffee which I love, but also three kinds of chillies – […]

St. Martin’s day is celebrated in the evening of November 11 in Flanders, parts of the Netherlands and the Catholic areas of Germany and Austria. Children go by the doors with paper lanterns and candles, and sing songs about St. Martin and about their lantern in return for a treat, very similar to the American […]


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